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AgentSelectUSA offers an education solution to help you select the right real estate agent the first time before you buy or sell your next home.


AgentSelectUSA was created after studying many of the selection mistakes that buyers and sellers have made over the last 25 years. The goal of AgentSelectUSA is to arm you with the knowledge you need to select the right real estate agent the first time & put you in charge of your real estate destiny.

Dedicated to helping you have the most favorable experience in your next purchase or sale of real estate, AgentSelectUSA educates you, about the types of agents in the market today, along with which ones will make your life easier (The Bulldog Agent and the Tech Agent), and which ones to avoid (the Family or Friend Agent, and the Rookie Agent). In addition, AgentSelectUSA discusses agent strategies that set the Experienced Agent apart from the rest, from utilizing an Easy Exit Listing Agreement, to the use of a Presale Home Inspection and Pre-Sale Appraisal. AgentSelectUSA explains the use of Open Houses, and Home Staging, and finally offers some insight regarding the Disadvantages of Selling on Your Own.

This FREE information provided by AgentSelectUSA also helps you to choose the right agent through its question-based Experienced Real Estate Agent Profile, made available to you, so you can ask the right questions to potential agents and compare their responses to help you select and identify the experienced real estate agent that’s right for you.

Finally, AgentSelectUSA is happy to assist you in choosing your experienced agent by referring you to one or more agents that we believe may be able to assist you in buying and/or selling your next property. Now that you have been educated and empowered, you know what to look for We can make the initial referral, but YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE FINAL CHOICE!

Helping You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent…the easy way

We want to help you choose the right real estate agent, when you are ready.
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