Home Staging

Once you’ve done all the tough grunt work of getting rid of the clutter and doing the heavy-duty cleaning, the next step will be to “stage your home.” This means putting the finishing touches on it to make it sparkle and wow would-be buyers.

Some of the ways you can stage your home include:

  • Arrange your furniture in the most attractive way possible. This means taking out the oversized, bulky furniture and making sure you don’t have too much furniture cluttering the room.
  • Ensure that fragrant scents are wafting through the area. Freshly baked cookies or newly brewed coffee are two comforting examples. Avoid cooking fish, broccoli or other foods with strong odors.
  • Put fresh towels in the bathroom.
  • Eliminate or reduce the number of knick-knacks. Too many will look cluttered and they aren’t meaningful to the buyer.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light. Turn on lights and keep drapes and blinds open.
  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable.
  • Place vases of fresh flowers throughout the house.
  • Have soft music playing in the background.

Try to think like a buyer.

After everything is ready, invite a friend or neighbor to look at the house with a fresh pair of eyes. You might have missed something obvious. Also, as you stage your house, try to think like a buyer. Get inside their head and see your house through their eyes, not through your own, which have seen years of living in the house.

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