Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Spending a few hundred dollars up front.

Could save you thousands of dollars and help protect your sale.

This ONE MISTAKE fosters a lack of sleep and an enormous amount of stress.

Most sellers make the mistake of not getting a pre-sale home inspection. This creates an environment where your home is under agreement if the buyer performs an inspection and then backs out. This ONE MISTAKE fosters a lack of sleep, an enormous amount of stress, and a big waste of marketing time, because after the buyer backs out, YOU HAVE TO PUT THE HOME BACK ON THE MARKET.

Having your home sale fall apart after a Home Inspection could be a complete waste of time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Use preventative measures.

The upfront pre-sale home inspection is a strategy that could prevent the buyer from conducting another inspection which is one less contingency to worry about. The buyer may elect to perform another inspection, but you should exclude known defects from the agreement of sale. This is another experienced real estate agent strategy that should save you thousands of dollars and save you from the repercussions of post-sale negotiations.

Present your home to the buying public as described below, and you will lose a lot more than the cost of the pre-sale home inspection.

If you failed to obtain a pre-sale home inspection …

You place your property on the market and your home goes under agreement. This effectively takes your home off the market. This is very frustrating since buyers and other selling agents see this and weeks later your home comes back on the market because you failed to obtain a pre-sale home inspection.

Pre-sale home inspections are part of an experienced agent strategy.

Pre-sale home inspections may be part of an experienced real estate agent’s strategy. They take care of what is necessary BEFOREHAND by handling the home inspection early. Better agents take you out of this stressful situation. They educate you, and counsel you on why this is necessary so that you can have a smooth, stress free transaction before you move to your new home.

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