What About Open Houses?

Open houses don’t sell properties.

A national study conducted by a leader in industry trends and consumer research, found that less than 5 percent of homes sell from an open house.

Open houses are great for your agent, but not for YOU.

An open house does one thing, and one thing only; it generates more business for the agent.

Instead, it’s a tool agents use to make their clients think they’re doing something. It is like a GIANT advertisement, so of course agents want to use your home as a platform for growing their business

You won’t need an open house.

If your agent is doing the right things, you won’t need an open house. Proper pricing, getting the home prepared, and skilled marketing are the three factors that will lead to a successful home sale.

Experienced Agents have stopped holding open houses.

However, many agents are afraid to tell their clients what they need to hear and instead hold open houses as a way to placate them. The open house is no longer a viable avenue for today’s experienced agents.

Open houses also present safety issues.

An open invitation for a potential robber.

“An open house is an invitation for a potential robber to case your place prior to coming back to get what they want,” said Bill Gassett, a nationally recognized leader in real estate. “There are also times when multiple parties could be in your home at the same time. It is next to impossible for a realtor to have their eyes on everyone at all times. There could be a few parties on the first floor and someone else on the second floor. Not good.”

Another negative factor of an open house.

Open houses are often visited by nosy neighbors who want decorating ideas or who are curious about the inside of the house.

With more work-at-home employees and people having more flexibility in their jobs, house seekers are typically more available to schedule to see a house immediately and are often in the mindset to want to see it now, especially in the current economic climate.

Open houses are not for YOU, open houses are for your AGENT.

Evidence of who you are speaking with.

This is just one more way for you to find evidence of who you are speaking with on the phone and whether or not they are an experienced agent. When the agent says, “Yes, I always do open houses,” they might as well be saying, “I have no idea how to run my business, so open houses are the only way I have to find more customers.”

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