The Bulldog Agent

If your agent doesn’t have the guts to tell the other agent NO, you will lose $$$.

This Characteristic overlooked 98% of the time.

One aspect of selling a home that is overlooked 98% of the time is the following question – How good is my agent at negotiating? This is an important consideration because there is a very important lesson that all experienced agents learn and that is


A people-pleaser is NOT someone you want talking to the buyers agent.

This is why you can’t hire someone you LIKE, or someone that gives you the warm fuzzier because these agents are generally people-pleasers. That agent is not worried about selling your home for top dollar rather they are trying to PLEASE the other AGENT.

The power of negotiating. Gotta have it.

Experience shows that if you hire an agent that is too nice, they will not be the BULLDOG that you need when an offer comes in. Your agent has the responsibility of pricing your home properly, and getting the buyer as close to the asking price as possible. Agents who price a home at $500,000, get an offer at $450,000, and then ask the homeowner to meet in the middle ARE NOT NEGOTIATING.

The experienced BULLDOG would tell the buyers agent who brought the offer at $450k, to bring back a full price offer because the home is PRICED properly. The experienced agent would say, Go back and tell your buyer to come in at $500k or risk not having their offer accepted.


Your bulldog has to FIGHT for you, and to be honest needs to know how to be aggressive to get you the extra thousands of dollars that your home is worth.

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