The Family or Friend Agent

The experienced agent and the family member or friend who is dabbling in real estate charge the same.

It would be illogical to choose the person who is less skilled.

Almost everyone knows at least one real estate agent, whether it be a family member or friend. This fact may cloud your judgment in choosing the most experienced agent for the job.

Choose wisely. It’s hard to fire your friend or relative.

If your brother, sister, cousin, or friend is a recognized leader in real estate, then feel free to sign with them with confidence. But, choosing a real estate agent who is less experienced, simply because you know them, is a recipe for disaster. If you run into problems with your real estate sale and your family member or friend is your real estate agent, you not only risk suffering emotional stress in addition to risking the sale of your home, but you would regret not choosing the right agent from the beginning.

Think about it this way…

Think about it this way…if your family member or friend just became a brain surgeon, and you have a serious brain condition, do you want your family member or friend operating on you only after a few surgeries, or DO YOU WANT the surgeon that has been successfully performing brain surgeries for many years?

Don’t be too nice with YOUR MONEY. It is YOUR MONEY after all.

A family member or friend, who does not sell an AVERAGE of 50 homes per year, is NOT the right agent for you. If you enjoy the idea of GIVING $10,000 – $50,000 to a friend or family member, just write them a check.

Using your family member or friend as your agent is the #1 most costly mistake of the average homeowner.

Choose experience over personal relationships, and you will feel confident while making one of your largest financial decisions.

Your home has equity in it, and it is yours to keep if you hire the right agent.

You may not be aware of the financial risk you could incur when you don’t hire an experienced agent. If you work with an experienced agent, you should net more money and have less stress and get your house sold quicker.

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