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How Many Websites Should An Experienced Agent Use To Promote Your Property?

In today’s difficult real estate environment, homeowners are not aware that experienced agents who sell more than 50 houses per year, every year, promote your home for sale on MANY websites.

Ten years ago… Compared to the agents of today.

Ten years ago, if your agent had a website, you would have found yourself a real technology professional. Now, if your agent is not promoting you on more than 25 websites they are missing opportunites to sell your home.

EXPERIENCED real estate agents use technology to leverage marketing efforts.

Just one extra website can show your home to hundreds of extra buyers PER MONTH. In this day and age, YOU WANT & NEED TO BE ON THE WEB, where home buyers can find you easily.


EXPERIENCED agents are adept at capturing buyer information so that proper follow up helps your home sell.

The other 99% of realtors, those that are non-experienced will post your home on only a few websites with no extra pictures, or just one picture of the outside of the home. The EXPERIENCED agent has a very different outlook. The EXPERIENCED AGENT will want to position your home using a variety of techniques including posting multiple interior and exterior pictures of your home so buyers can get a real feel of the home.


The main attraction.

  • Experience has shown that home buyers look at homes with videos first
  • Homes with video usually stack to the top of an internet search
  • Stand out amongst homes for sale the majority of all homes in the United States for sale do NOT utilize a visual tour

Technology keys.

  1. Experts agents will promote you on more than 25 websites, the rookie agent may only use a few.
  2. Experienced agents will often display as many as 30 pictures of every aspect of your home, where the average agent typically uses 1-3 pictures.
  3. Experts have unique ways of capturing the names, phone numbers, and email addresses so that the buyer can be followed up on where the average agent are unable to contact those buyers because they lack those tracking systems.

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