Referral Management Solution

So are you a Real Estate Broker or Agent confused about how to help your client when you don’t know an experienced agent in another city, across the state, or across the country and ensure that you get paid? This is a great opportunity for you to assist your client, save time and, earn a referral fee.

Do the following situations sound familiar?

  1. Do you have a buyer that will relocate and needs to purchase a home out of your service area?
  2. Do you have a seller that will relocate out of your service area and needs to purchase another home?
  3. Have you ever made a referral and then found out that your client did not like the referral agent or decided to work with a more experienced agent?
  4. Have you ever made a referral, forgot to track it, and then realized you were never paid?

AgentSelectUSA was created to handle interviewing, selecting & coordinating referrals to experienced agents throughout North America.

Through a proprietary system we developed to identify experienced agents, we are able to improve your referral experience and protect your referral revenue. We have an extensive network of experienced real estate brokers and agents across the nation just waiting to assist, and pay, for the referral.

We can assist you with managing a referral through a simple four (4) step process:

  1. You complete an easy online one (1) page Referral Questionnaire;
  2. Together we execute a Referral Management Solution Agreement;
  3. AgentSelectUSA makes the referral and updates the Agent Portal which provides status we also provide you with regular email updates on the status of the transaction; and,
  4. AgentSelectUSA, LLC is paid for the referral and then remits your portion, minus our fee.

Helping You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent…the easy way

We want to help you choose the right real estate agent, when you are ready.
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